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Varnell and Warwick Associates

Complex Consumer Litigation

Taking a stand against Corporate Corruption

When it comes to defeating negligence, irresponsibility, dangerous products, even downright corruption, justice can still be achieved when you have truth on your side and the right litigation team.

We Co-Counsel Consumer Cases Throughout
The United States

Protecting the Little Guy

Truth is, once you shine a light on all too familiar trickery, manipulation and abuse of power, wrongdoing corporations, government agencies and crooked individuals can be brought to justice. Our legal system still sides with truth and we have laws that can be used to protect the little guy against corporate giants. We use the class action rule along with other complex litigation tools to combine the strength of consumers together to stand up for what is right and correct wrongs for everyone, not just the client that walked through our door. Our experience in this arena allows us to work with lawyers and judges across the United States to fix problems and obtain recoveries on behalf of millions of consumers.

We strive to outwit, outlast and outmaneuver our opponents, and we have a history of success in even the toughest appellate cases because we fight for the right reasons. We know injustice when we see it, and we know how to defeat it without resorting to underhanded tactics. We fight hard to protect the little guy. If you need us, we would be proud to fight for you too.

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