Varnell and Warwick Associates

Complex Consumer Litigation

Battlefields may change, but the good fight still wins out.

When it comes to defeating negligence, irresponsibility, even downright corruption, you can take down entire armies when you have the truth on your side - and the deadly aim of Varnell & Warwick.

We Co-Counsel Consumer Cases Throughout
The United States.

Big Guns for the Little Guy.

Once upon a time, disputes were settled at 20 paces and the best gunslinger won, whether he was right or not. Today's disputes may play out more like a battle of wits, and too often the winner can come down to who has the money, power and intimidation to wrangle the system in their favor. This uneven playing field can make wronged citizens feel like little more than pawns.

When it's time to pull out the Big Guns, the Law Firm of Varnell & Warwick is here to command a clean fight. Truth is, once you strip them of their trickery, manipulation and abuse of power, wrongdoing corporations, government agencies and individuals are left weak and vulnerable. Our legal system still sides with the truth - you just need the right legal posse to keep justice from getting hogtied in its loopholes.

We settle almost every case we take by outwitting, outlasting and outmaneuvering our opponents, and we have a history of winning even the toughest appellate cases for the right reasons - because we know injustice when we see it, and how to defeat it without resorting to underhanded tactics. We've found that clean hands make for a clean fight - and a winning outcome.